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Ladies - we're not in Clifton anymore!

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Street photographer and Bristol local Colin Moody presents his stunning new photography book, Stokes Croft and Montpelier.

Stokes Croft and Montpelier have a strong community and a huge tourist draw for its amazing street art. Yesterday’s tagger may be exhibiting at Hamilton house tomorrow as they step up to mural work. When you see it over time it feels like an urban forest of creativity. Creativity and ideas grow here. It’s a home to the homeless and a testing ground for a lot of really good ways of being.

The street art scene is legendary but if you spend time here you will realise it’s a community of cooperatives, squats, house shares, cafes, community centres, notice boards, glocal eco pioneers and word-of-mouth that keeps it working so well. Layers of people all sliding in and out of each other’s lives. Often people settle in to the rhythm of the thing they care about enough to show something of it all in how they move and dress. You literally never know what is round the next side road. Walls change, people change and this place pulses with energy.

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Colin’s photographs take you under the skin of the people, cultures, and place in this unique area of the city, where lives intersect and a new world is being created every day.

His extraordinary book can be found at our Stokes Croft China shop in Jamaica Street.


This interview was first published in Bristol 24/7.


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