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The Disney Lie - Coleport Figurine

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Stokes Croft China Coleport figurine Disney lie feminism Bev Milward Rachel Fenwick

Title: The Disney Lie
Artist: Bev Milward 

One of a series of fine bone china Coleport figurines acquired after the closure of the factory in Stoke-on-Trent. The piece is decorated years later using printed lithographs salvaged from the decimated industry.

Growing up girls and young women are told tales instilled with what they should achieve to become the ultimate success as a woman. The handsome prince, true love, babies, the happily ever after. Becoming old and being independent are never an option.

The familiar fairy tale imagery of courting couples, the wedding, the baby, beauty and innocence contrasts with the black scrawl of anger and warnings of the spinning wheel and mirror.

What is expressed is the frustration of failure to become society’s perfection of womanhood and also the freedom of realising it was a lie in the first place.

Photo by Rachel Fenwick.

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