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Graffiti Murals Various



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The famous Tsunami of Roses on Hillgrove Street was a PRSC production of around 2008. Conceived as an alternative to the relentless war being waged between taggers and Bristol City Council which took place on this site, the original concept was put forward by Jeremy Cole. The panda was there first so we built him a little boat. PRSC volunteers painted the wave. Phlegm painted the stilt man and Jonathan Farr painted the octopus. The lifebelt box was provided by BS51. Duncan Brothers sorted the roses, and repainted the street sign. 

Dan Mural celebrates a stunning stencil piece that was painted on the steps of Westmoreland House by Dan in September 2008. Dan's work can be found all around Stokes Croft. There is also a fine mural in Brunswick Square.

Mild Mild West by Banksy has been voted the second most iconic image of Bristol after the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

It has been defaced on several occasions, and repaired by the Community.

On the occasion that red paint was squirted over the painting, we asked 20 passers-by whether we should repair the piece. The response was unanimous, so we got scrubbing...

Below are some previously unseen pics of another attack on the painting.

The Community Wall mural which graces the wall of the PRSC yard in Jamaica Street was conceived and curated by Katy Bauer. The painting crew included Guim, Epok, Haka, Lucy, Dones, Chris Chalkley and Katy Bauer. The panels depict the pillars of Community. 


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