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Proper Bristol Giftpack


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This giftpack contains all 16 Proper Bristol postcards, four classic PRSC postcards & a badge.

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No more bridge. Easy on the balloons…

Those pictures of the Suspension Bridge, hot air balloons and harbourside.

Those statues of slavers, soldiers and politicians, those demonstrations of wealth and power seep into our very marrow.

Those corporate billboards continue to pollute our view, spilling out their tempting sordid lies.

Like fish we do not notice the water we swim in.

The imagery that a city chooses to portray itself is of the utmost importance.

Those images define the soul of the place and the aspirations of its people.

We call on the Bristol public to help us create a new series of postcards depicting the best and worst of our fair city.

The spirit of the city resides in its people and its culture, much of which comes from the everyday, from the streets, from the backstreet music venues, from the walls of the city. Much of the energy that drives this city comes from below, from those who are unheard, who struggle for voice.

The people of Bristol have always been a difficult mutinous lot. The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft (PRSC) propose a rethink. This city of street art, pirates, guerrilla gardening and St Paul’s Carnival is richer and more complex than the old set of clichés on offer.

So, what images truly represent the city?
And who should get to decide how Bristol is represented?

Images may be non-narrative, representing buildings and scenes just as they are; they can offer social commentary, street photos or protest; or they can celebrate the people of Bristol in all our colourful glory.

A new story is vital to the process of social change

A new aesthetic is an essential component of that change  

Change is afoot. Bristol, if it chooses, is well placed to be at the centre of real change.

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