PROPAGANDA. Royal Wedding Mug. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Whilst a wedding is a happy event for the couple and close family,  the institution of the monarchy is another matter.

This fine English Bone China mug is a reminder of the role of the Royal Wedding in the monarchist propaganda machine. This wedding is not of interest.


"A constitutional, hereditary monarchy, along with an unelected upper chamber which can overrule decisions made by those whom the public has elected, has no place in any country claiming to be a democracy. No place at all; into the dustbin of history with these reactionary worthies and their entire apparatus of class-privilege, patronage and inequality."



Clarence House statement:
"The Royal Family will pay for the wedding."


"In 2016-17, the Sovereign Grant, which is calculated as a percentage of Crown Estate profits, was £42.8 million. The Queen also received £14.9 million generated from sources including property rental. In 2011, Forbes estimated the British royal family's net worth to be $500 million (£383 million), made up of property, art, and investments"
Independent: Aug.2017 


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