Massive Attack - by Melissa Chemam


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Melissa Chemam explores Massive Attack's multi-cultural history through the reggae and punk scenes and charts the development of Bristol's music and underground street art movement that has had a worldwide impact. 

Robert Del Naja or 3D (his graffiti art name), Grant Marshall and Andrew Vowels formed Massive Attack in 1988 and released the ground-breaking album Blue Lines in 1991 and have since sold more than 13 million copies of albums worldwide. They were previously part of the highly influental DJ crew the Wild Brunch with Nellee Hooper, Milo Johnson and Claude Williams. 

The author charts the development, creative activities , music making and political statement of the key individuals involved through first- person interviews, print and historical sources. From the Pop Group to Tricky, Portishead and massive Attack, Bristol has an incomparable music and art scene. Massive Attack: Out Of The Comfort Zone delivers a unique story about music , art and social change. 

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