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Octopus and the Moon with Dandelions - TG Freeson / PAF




Medium: Pastels on Fabriano paper

Dimensions: 86 x 86 cm, framed

The Artist: TG Freeson

"I see the world through a shattered glass, I see how the light is fragmented by the shards and I represent it that way”. After working in the fashion and graphic design industries for more than two decades, TG Freeson furthered their studies and began their artistic journey believing all figures could be fragmented and synthesized into planes of view and light. With the use of colours, shapes, lines and lights they aim to show how we are in a close relationship with our surroundings. In some artworks to enforce this concept they use the rock-salt. Their decision to use salt to represent our equality comes from their belief that salt is the metaphor embodying the birth of all carbon-based life forms.

For TG Freeson, the true meaning of art is to convey a complete sense of sincerity. The artist is not searching for what is deemed canonically beautiful, or the beauty in the “artistic genius’ expression” but it is more important to communicate a complete sense of sincerity. Looking at Caravaggio’s and Rembrandt’s research for the true and “gritty” nature of the “every day life”, TG Freeson moves away from “what is perceived as beautiful”, and instead conveys a sense of sincerity that represents their artistic subjective reality. in some artworks Although we perceive ourselves as different from others, we can look around and notice that we are all made of the same substance, hence realising we are all the same. The loose salt in the box is a metaphor for the changing of our bodies.

The artist has a very meticulous approach to the representation of their subjects. “First, I sketch them with a black pen, then I use shadows to understand the ways objects are, and I synthesise them to a single black line. Then, I represent them with colours”. When asked why they use black for their sketches, they answered that “even though physics tells us the union of all colours is white, I do believe black represents them all. Black absorbs all wavelengths. White represents the absence, black represents everything.”

tgfreeson.co.uk // @tg.freeson // Facebook // Twitter

* Unless specified, dimensions apply to the unframed artwork.

PRSC are acting as an agent on behalf of the artist.

People's Art Fair: Festive Edition

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