Politics and Protest

Politics and Protest


Don Pedro Presents: Politics and Protest

Following the sell-out success of the first edition of Don Pedro Presents: Politics and Protest, Don Pedro has reworked the book to include 16 more pages and new examples of subvertising and other forms of visual protest in his home town of Bristol.

Don Pedro is an anonymous photographer who roams the streets of Bristol recording how people express their opinions through subverting advertising billboards, writing on walls, producing stickers and putting notes in windows.

The billboards of Bristol in particular have long been a playground for a quick-witted group of political activists and anarchists who, under cover of darkness, subvert the corporate messages with their own slogans.

Although the subvertisers' work is often quickly removed, Don Pedro has taken hundreds of images of the billboards and stickers. This extended second edition collects the best of them as a tribute to the ingenuity of protest in Bristol.



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