Reading the Streets / Writing The Streets


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As we all walk, cycle and drive around our city we’re often so absorbed in something else. What’s on the radio, what we need to to during the coming day, or just feeling the consequences of the night before - the messages and images that fill our city can pass by without making much of an impact on our consciousness. 

When we choose to actively engage with our environment, we can find a wealth of information there, from the official signage for vehicles and road users, all the way down to tag walls, or stickers full of tiny messages clustering on a lamppost.

Reading the Street
Tues April 16th
Come to the PRSC to join a exploration of the chaotic and mixed up symbology to be found on the streets of Stokes Croft. We’ll start with a brief primer of some of the things you might want to look out for, and thinking about what the intentions might be behind the various signs and symbols we’ll encounter. Then we’ll head out into the chaos, and explore the neighborhood with it’s densely layered textures, colours and messaging.

Writing the Streets
Thu April 18
Following on from the ‘Reading the Streets’ investigation we’ll think about what kind of messaging we might want to put out there, how best to approach making that, and where it could be placed for maximum impact.
We’ll look at various forms of freehand painting, stencils, paste-ups [monoprint], and explore tips and tricks for DIY image reproduction. Depending on what technique you end up working with we’ll produce something which you can take back out and spread around yourself, or the means to produce this.
£10 (materials included)

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