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The Mimic


Currently available to purchase from the Vanguard exhibition at M Shed.

If an animal mimic can trick its enemy into thinking it is something less tasty or more dangerous, it will survive.

With the face of a racoon, a mouth made from ladybug legs and ivy leaves for her hair, she embodies all nature. The back of her dress is held together by a butterfly and flowers; clover and koi fish are flowing down the folds of her gown.

She's dressed in flowers, fish and eyes. All eyes are on her. All eyes are on you as you look at her as she walks nervously across her land.

Conceived and decorated beautifully by the youngest member of our team, Maryem Meddeb.

The Designer: Maryem Meddeb

The youngest member of our team, multi-disciplinary artist Maryem likes painting nudes as much as she likes decorating china.

Royal Worcester China Figurines

Our founder Chris Chalkley was a ceramics and glass marketeer back in the day, so was in a unique position to see the full impact of globalisation when his suppliers in the potteries went bankrupt in the 80’s and 90’s. Hating to see anything go to waste, and realising what a precious part of our heritage was being destroyed, he salvaged kilns, equipment and unused transfers.

Amongst his acquisitions during this time were around fifty Royal Worcester bone china figurines. These pieces are difficult to decorate in the Stokes Croft style so are only attempted when an artist has developed a strong idea and the skills to apply it.

The fascinating story of how and why these pieces exist, their incongruous beauty and the individual expression of the artist are the reason that they are the jewel in the Stokes Croft crown.

Product Specification

Material: English Fine Bone China
Type: Royal Worcester Figurine

Dimensions: H 22cm

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