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The Mountains Call Me, Missing Adventure - Extempore Art


Hope for the mountains and wild spaces when we are able.

Medium: Acrylic on wood panel with resin finish

Dimensions: 8" x 6"

The Artist: Extempore Art

"My art is expressive unplanned intuitive art which explores themes such as belonging and identity, what it means to be human. Using the concepts such as the feeling of being an alien, the thoughts of the vast cosmos, nature and our place within the universe or a lone wolf (plus they’re fun to paint), I paint textured, colourful, energetic, acrylic paintings. I love the physicality of painting and it being its own form of communication to better understand myself and others, connecting to community where ever possible"


People's Art Fair: Winter Show

In the bleak mid-winter with the cold nights drawing in, Bristol in lockdown, a global pandemic rolling through our communities, Brexit on the near horizon, economic collapse looming from every side and a tory government barely holding things together, those of us not out grouse shooting or visiting Barnard castle needed to bring a little colour and magic back in our lives.

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The People’s Art Fair Winter Edition brought together over forty amazing artists, ready to dazzle you with their work. The closed doors of lockdown have hidden a frenetic world of quiet creativity, and these creations are now ready to spill out into the world. Featuring spray paint, collage, photography, cyanotype, stencils, bone china, metal work, dominoes, paper sculpture, acrylics, clay, illustration, screen print, glass painting, fairy lights, beeswax, biro ink and various weird trinkets found on the floor, as always the People’s Art Fair brings you a cornucopia of visual art to suit every taste and temperament.

* Unless specified, dimensions apply to the unframed artwork.

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