The Naked Guide to Bristol

The Naked Guide to Bristol, a hilarious, up to date, in-depth, and under-the-covers look at England’s eclectic counter-culture capital. From Bristol’s illustrious past filled with dark secrets to the modern cosmopolitan urban landscape, these pages have it all.

The book breaks down this bustling city into easily digestible chunks for you to investigate. It will inform you on all aspects of life in the coolest city in England: where to live, where to go sightseeing, which bars and clubs to go to for the best nights out, which of Bristol’s many restaurants to pick, where to go shopping for the latest fashions, dates for events and festivals like St. Paul’s Carnival, and where to go for a fun day out with the family. And, most importantly, it isn’t afraid to tell you honestly what is good and what is best avoided, praising local favourites and irreverently putting down the undeserving.

 The Naked Guide also looks at the people of Bristol, and gives you the basics of the local dialect. You’ll find in this book details of Bristol’s many celebrities, from the well established to the unexpected, from Massive Attack to Darth Vader. It will tell you about the city where Skins is set, where Ian Holloway came from, where Banksy and Bananarama found their inspiration.

Compulsory reading for students and a great buy for anybody else moving to Bristol not just to survive, but to enjoy life.



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