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Where the two seas meat - jen0mi / PAF


Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Dimensions: Arm length

The Artist: jen0mi

I experiment with multimedia, combing digital and analogue to create glitchy colourful compositions. I use digital to manipulate the analogue in a way that i wouldn’t be able to if by hand. I do drawings by hand and then play around with them digitally. I’m also enjoying doing simplicistic watercolour drawings and collages right now. Experimentation is what excites me. The playful unplanned nature gives opportunities for suprises, and for me that’s what makes art fun. When I’m experiencing a low period, reconnecting with experientation is what reconnects me with my creativity.

In July I did a photography and street art course with Creative Youth Network and PRSC, and I reconnected with how important art for activitism is to me. It was really empowering. It also reminded me how much I love collage and making stickers. Writing this, I’m feeling inspired for what’s to come for my creative practice.


* Unless specified, dimensions apply to the unframed artwork.

PRSC are acting as an agent on behalf of the artist.

Ref: PAF1055

People's Art Fair: Autumn Show

The People’s Art Fair (PAF) is a collaborative group exhibition devised and hosted by the PRSC and open to all artists. Our Autumn Show runs from Sep 16-26, and features work from over 40 artists, plus creative workshops, music, poetry and theatre!

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