Where's My Money? - Mike Manson


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Where's My Money?

The cry of 'I want my money' invariably means that something is about to blow. Max doesn't work. Now he's been offered a job - at the dole office. It's the hot summer of 1976. Mega-flares. The dole office. Cider. And a riot.' Where's My Money? is a witty encounter with slacker culture in Bristol in the 1970s, set against the background of Max Redcliffe's day job in a dole office. For a time in the 1970s author Mike Manson worked as a dole clerk. 'This isn't my story,' he says. He has to. He signed the Official Secrets Act. 'an engaging combination of the angst and recklessness of youth with the wit and cynicism of one more mature and worldly wise. Muse Magazine. 'full of brilliantly observed characters... consistently witty and carries a poignant punch.' Arthur Smith. ᅠ

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