The Artist: Chris Chalkley – Stokes Croft China & PRSC Shop

The Artist: Chris Chalkley

Chris Chalkley's makers markFounder of PRSC and Stokes Croft China, Chris studied Economics and Philosophy at Bristol University, drove buses, sold puppets and worked variously as a market trader, wholesaler, retailer and importer of China and Glassware for over thirty years, and was therefore uniquely positioned to see the impact and implications of globalisation and corporate power at first hand.

When the Staffordshire Potteries went into terminal decline at the turn of the century, Chris had the foresight to buy up kilns and factory equipment from the bankrupt factories. He bought large quantities of whiteware, and the whole print stock of the last remaining independent decorating factory in Staffordshire. This equipment and stock has allowed the creation of Stokes Croft China, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the Potteries’ decline.

Having worked as a wholesaler and retailer, Chris is well versed in traditional styles of ware. He tends to ignore all the rules and his pieces are known for their rough immediacy and challenging technique.

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