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Retro Ware

Scooby retro ware

This delightful ware adds serious retro funk to your table.

Scooby ware is a combination of four transfer sets salvaged from Washington Pottery who went into receivership in 1994. ‘Flower Power’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Flair’ and ‘Star trek’ are combined with other groovy motifs to form this far out pattern, man.

Ever Decreasing Circles ware is a harmonious combination of two 1960s prints: Zinnia by Myott and Stardust by English Ironstone.

Old Skool ware is a combination of transfers from a 1970s children's tea set and a cheeky 1960s print mixed with tags and imagery from the streets of Stokes Croft.

Real gold skulls and salvaged late 60s Stardust pattern are combined in balanced but random ways to create Memento Mori.

Best enjoyed wearing loons.

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