About Stokes Croft

Stokes Croft China is the commercial engine of the movement: The activities of PRSC are funded by the production and sale of our unlikely and extraordinary ware, all of which is Made in England and decorated here in Stokes Croft.
Our Selling Gallery showcases Stokes Croft China, fine bone china
decorated and fired on the premises.
Stokes Croft is an area in the heart of Bristol which has always resisted convention.
In recent years, the area has worked to raise the debate about how and why we do things as we do.
Renowned for its street art and its alternative thinking, the area has come to national prominence over the last several years because of its cutting edge street art and resistance to typical development, typified by the heroic  resistance in 2011 to the opening of yet another supermarket in the heart of this area defined by its independence and its local traders.
Since 2007, the People's Republic of Stokes Croft has been active in the area, seeking a different approach to the issues that confront society. This has manifested itself in an experimental approach to the "Commons" and property, building on the deeply embedded anarchistic approach that has been present for the longest time in Stokes Croft.

Stokes Croft China SELLING GALLERY

"Peculiar Stuff for a Peculiar Society".

We also stock prints , books and DVDs,
and run exhibitions of work by prominent local artists. 



 This wall, which is adjacent to the Stokes Croft China Selling gallery, measuring 58ft x10ft, has been built by ourselves, specifically to showcase graffiti,
and street art in all its forms. It is lit at night, and changes monthly. It has been painted 75 times in the last seven years.


People who have painted here include Cheo, Ziml, Epok, Sepr, 3-Dom, Tat's Cru.

Jon 5 and Ongar, April 2012




The walls of Stokes Croft are about voice: There is an ongoing debate in visual form,

that continues to take place in Stokes Croft's ever-changing private and public space.

 Below are images of work done in Stokes Croft, and of the people of the area.


Artwork painted on the building of Palmer Ray, defence solicitors in Stokes Croft.


PRSC mural in the PRSC yard: Katy Bauer 2011


Truth Beauty Justice.

Soker, Epok, Mr. Jago.

PRSC Outdoor Gallery Mural by Sepr 2012


Westmorland House from the roof

Rowdy/Burning Candy

Paris works on detail on Martin Luther King Quotation Mural.


Wedding couple in front of Tsunami of Roses

Alex in front of the Practice Wall, off Stokes Croft.

Sleeping it off on Turbo island.


Jamie Gillman Sculpture circa 2011

Epok and Smug, post-Tesco Riot 2011


Street drinkers on PRSC sketching day.


Kai-One et al.


Truth and Beauty by Dones as part of the PRSC Bearpit Project.

Thi mural is an essential reminder for all of the events that took place in Stokes Croft in 2011.

Installing Artwork in the Bearpit.

No Tesco Campaign 2010