Laughing Gas - David Field


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Dobbs is unwittingly becoming an undercover psychic detective on the trail of the greatest gold robbery ever conceived. So large that it's taken quite some time, millennia in fact, to plan and get everything in place. Now it seems all the thieves have to do, in this romantic and deeply obscure psychedelic thriller, is blow the safe door but that's not as easy as it might sound. There's only one thing powerful enough to bust through the walls of this time-locked vault system, and that's karma - if you can harness enough of it and apply it in the right way at the right time. Well, karma mixed in with the essential incendiary ingredients: pain and fear. Then the door can be blown clean off its hinges.A non-fiction ayahuasca tale.If Paul Theroux had teamed up with William Burroughs & then Robert Anton Wilson had sat & edited their manuscript, they still would have fallen short of producing this masterpiece. Visionary & shockingly daring! - Steven Ashe - Qabalah of 50 Gates.

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